A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

✨Magic Trick✨

You play as the new Wiz-Kid in town, who can perform magic using combos of skating tricks! Use your magical skateboard to explore the whimsical city, find collectible cards, and socialize with your wacky new neighbors!

Magic Trick is an in-development UCSC Senior Capstone Game, created by the L8r Sk8rs Team:

Alex - Co-producer, UI Designer

Gram - Programmer, Designer

Georgio - Co-producer, Writer

Brady - Programmer, Designer

Annabel - 3D Artist

Casey - Programmer, Designer

Rachel - 3D Artist

Toto - Writer, Artist, Designer

Elliot - Build Manager, Programmer

Hongyu - Sound Designer

Erica - 3D Artist

Merita - 2D Character Concept Artist

Herman - 3D Animator

P.S. A gamepad is recommended to play Magic Trick, but keyboard also works!

P.P.S. This game is in an Alpha State, so feedback is greatly appreciated!

Install instructions

Just gotta unzip the file, then double click the executable!


MagicWin.zip 42 MB
MagicMac.zip 43 MB


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i'm a little far from home... - Sonny


Such an awesome game!!! Can't wait for the final build!!!


I had a lot of fun learning the tricks and pulling off some sweet combos. Hey "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3" - eat your heart out.


What a wholesomely radical game!!!