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Magic Trick is a skateboarding adventure game about community! As the new WizKid in town, perform magic using rad skating combos, explore the whimsical city, and socialize with your wacky new neighbors who could use more magic in their lives!

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Magic Trick is a Unity 3D game, created by the L8r Sk8rs Team:

Alex Arancibia - Co-producer, Lead UI Designer

Gram Nitschke - Lead Quest Programmer, Gameplay Designer

Georgio Klironomos - Co-producer, Lead UX Designer

Brady Moore - Lead VFX Programmer, World Designer

Annabel Maokhamphiou- Lead 3D Environment Artist, Co-Art Director, 3D Prop Artist

Casey Selzer-  Lead World Designer, Gameplay Programmer

Rachel Ramirez- Lead 3D Character Artist

Toto Lin - Lead Writer, 2D Artist, World Designer

Elliot Segal- Tech Director, Lead Programmer, Build Manager

Hongyu Chen- Lead Musician, Sound Designer

Corey Hunt - Lead Sound Engineer, Sound Designer

Erica Li- Lead 3D Prop Artist, 3D Environment Artist, Concept Artist

Merita Lundstrom- Lead Concept Artist, Co-Art Director, 2D Artist

Herman Wu- Lead 3D Animator

P.S. A gamepad is recommended to play Magic Trick, but keyboard also works!

P.P.S. Feedback is still greatly appreciated!🛹Send it to magictrickgame@gmail.com 🛹

P.P.P.S. Have Fun Sk8rs!!!


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Magic Trick 2.0.2 Windows.zip 307 MB
Magic Trick 2.0.2 Linux.zip 311 MB
Magic Trick 2.0.2 Mac.zip 308 MB

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Woo! Rebundled! More folks gon play more Magic Trick!


A very good game, I enjoyed every minute of it! I love flying around on the skateboard and the characters are all cool :]


this is a brilliant little game, love the aesthetic and atmosphere, and i love the silly little characters :) trans rights


It seems once you have lasagna you can't get Bucky to ride with you any longer? You just have infinite lasagna to give, ad not giving gives the "haven't had dinner yet" response...


Beautiful! ❤️


Loved the game! The linux version works great on Steam Deck ✨


Love the game. Thanks so much for making it 


<3 this game. Just wish it had more content cuz its great! for the price its perfect :) 

We're so glad you liked it, thanks so so much for playing!!!


Great game! Do you have any hints for the secret achievement "the lost pigeon"?

Here's a little hint: if you can see a place, you can go to it!

Hi ! Glad to see a new version, hopefully it'll fix the controller issue, however now when I launch a new game the image freezes. I still hear the sounds and I can't ESC to the menu to quit, but all I see is this :

I tried to change the video setting but it didn't help.
Thanks in advance :)

You might be able to fix the issue by deleting your save data which can be found here: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\L8r Sk8rs\Magic Trick (just delete the file SaveData.txt) and if that doesn't work, it would be very helpful if you could send the Player.txt file from that folder to our email magictrickgame@gmail.com so we can try to find the source of the bug!

Thanks for the quick answer. It didn't help, even after reinstalling the game and deleting the appdata folder.
As requested I'm sending you the file. Thx :)


This game is so cute and I love the color scheme! I wish there was a way to save even though it's a short game so I can keep looking for the cards later. It would also be cool if there was a way to keep track of achievements, especially when talking with villagers.

Thanks for playing!! Keep yours eyes out for a huge update coming in May, you'll find a lot of the things you're looking for have been added, and more!


I love this game!!!! so cute and wonderful

Hi ! Any plans for a fix for those stuck on the first screen once the game starts ? Thanks ! :)

Hello (I am one of the devs)! We figured out the issue was with the language your computer is using. If you use English I can confirm that works, I am not sure about which other languages work. Additionally we will also release a version with that bug fixed fairly soon (as well as a bit more content)!

Hi, thanks for the answer ! My Win10 is in French. I don't plan to change it (even briefly), so I'll patiently wait for the update ! :)


This is, like, a totally radical game!


I don't usually play skating games so I don't think I can leave useful feedback, but the game controlled really well!


I did make a video on this game today. Please give it a like, subscribe & share the video! 🧙🏻‍♂️


I'd like there to be arrow keys for movement, as WASD isn't the way I prefer movement.


This game is adorbable and I'm not good at skating games but I really enjoyed this and doing magic helped me get some hard to reach cards which was nice. It's real cute and I love all the characters all of them. Trans rights!!!


Cute and fun!! I really loved this and my only complaint is (while this is a full game on its own), I wish there was more! I'd play a whole open world skate 3 type of game with this. I love it!


In a bundle with Night in the Woods, Tonight We Riot and Anarcuties, it's impressive that you made the most radical game :D. I've never played Tony Hawk but it didn't take me too long to get it and I had a lot of fun! I bet someone more skilled than me can do some real crazy stuff chaining magic together. It didn't look like you can save, but it's not too long so it's nbd.



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musical expression and gender are similar

they both have no limit

Deleted 3 years ago



I really loved how this game looks: the environment, the characters, and the general aesthetic are just really cute. Wiz-Kid's design is top notch too.

I had a little trouble figuring out how to work the controls on my keyboard at first, but otherwise it was okay. The camera is a little rough, but it was okay. I greatly enjoyed the little surprises in the game, especially the little touch at the end in the lawn. It meant a lot seeing that and the couple.


Very fun!



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Hi guys! Just downloaded the game from the Racial Justice bundle and I can't play it.

As the camera pans around Sunset Isles, no matter what button I've pressed, Tony's dialog box wouldn't go away. 

So I've waited for the camera to pan all the way and then I could press and make the dialog boxes go away, but then I just get stuck (I can spin tho).

Also, the Tony dialog boxes are broken as well, they just show "Tony-Tony.Start-X".

EDIT: Yeah, it's still broken in 1.0.


Same here. I was using my controller and it showed "A" but didn't function. Then I switched to keyboard and it showed "space" but that didn't work either. The game looks really beautiful though!


Hey Macces and xaddict, thank you for the info!! We'll be looking into this bug ASAP so y'all can enjoy the game!


Same as xaddict for me! I'm on win10, launching from the itch app, if that helps.

The game looks very good!

Hi Luis S.! Thanks for letting us know about the issue, would you be able to tell us your computer's specs? It might help us dissect the problem.


Hey, just adding my name to the list of people who can't play. After the introductory text there's a prompt for me to press A (or Space), but it doesn't do anything. I'm also on Win10, but launching from the .exe.

Game does look fantastic!

Hi aprilmarch! Thanks for letting us know about the issue, would you be able to tell us your computer's specs? It might help us dissect the problem.

Sure can! I'm the awful kind of PC gamer that when asked what is my rig would reply 'a black one', so I don't know what you want exactly by 'specs' XD so I went to Can You Run It and got this data:

Video card: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz

RAM: 8.0 GB

I'm on Windows 10 running the .exe, as I said.

Hope this helps, I can give more info if needed!


i have the same issue here, hopefully someone knows how to fix it bc i was really excited to play this cute game

Hi viqu! Thanks for letting us know about the issue, would you be able to tell us your computer's specs? It might help us dissect the problem.


Yep the game is broken. It says "Tony-Tony.Start-10" on my screen.

Hi Goodblue77! Thanks for letting us know about the issue, would you be able to tell us your computer's specs? It might help us dissect the problem.

Included me!

Hi Perkedel Technologies! Thanks for letting us know about the issue, would you be able to tell us your computer's specs? It might help us dissect the problem.

Guess this was never fixed :(

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Really cute idea! Pretty cool, didn't get so far in it yet though. But on my Mac (macbook pro 13"), the settings screen cut is cut off on the sides.


Thanks for playing egg1111115!!! Thanks for the info, we'll look into fixing that!


I had the same issue on Windows 10. The game is definitely fun though.


Radical and magical my dudes!

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